Fish Maw Nutrition

Chinese nutrition is legendary. Some of the best nutritional diets are put together in China. Be it a concoction, or a special dish. Fish maw nutrition has been recognised in China and the far east. It is not just a source of high protein. It is a preferred delicacy. Also known as Swimbladders, the protein content lends Fish maw nutrition its great value. Frozen Nile perch swimbladders are a great source of Fish maw nutrition supplements

At Tanperch, the same quality standards that are applied to other products are used during processing of fish maw. Being a large fish, the swim bladders are voluminous. The peeling and processing are carried out under the highest standards, under the constant monitoring by the microbiologists.As a ISO 22000 : 2005 and HACCP certified company, we value our processes and comply with all regulations by default. This has helped to create a reputation difficult to match. 

Fish maw has high nutrient value in addition to being a preferred recipe. This fact has made its processing that much more important to us. We ensure that its value of nourishment remains undiluted during processing. 

Fish maw is a wonderful way to showcase your culinary skills. It does not have a flavour of its own. It draws from other ingredients to give out a taste. This literally makes it the perfect raw material for your cooking. This is unlike other fish recipes, where the dish may get influenced by the flavour. 

Fish maw has the dual benefit of delivering nutrition in a taste that you decide. What you want is what you get. It really can’t get better than that. So, go ahead, tear open a pack of fish maw and show how you cook. We provide all the quality and nutrition in our packets that you need to pack a punch with great dishes.