Frozen Fish Fillets

Fish is universally acknowledged as a healthy diet, rich in nutrients, low in mercury and great on the taste buds. Stocking up on frozen fish fillets helps you to serve great dishes regularly. The fillets are convenient to store, and easy to cook. We are ISO 22000 : 2005 and HACCP certified, making our products safe and palatable, with high nutrient value.

Our ability to deliver high quality fish fillets stems from a fourfold approach 

- The technology we use ensures that the fish is processed hygienically
- Our experienced microbiologists ensure that the processed fish is toxin-free
- Our high speed catch collection processes give us a steady supply of fresh perch
- Our packing delivers fillets that are wholesome, delicious and nutritious

As a result of our obsession with quality, we have been able to conquer markets. We have been blessed with a locational advantage from where it is easy to transfer the catch at high speed to our facilities, and also while retaining the freshness of the fish. Our processes ensure that the frozen fish fillets in all packets contain nutrients. The proximity of the facility helps in ensuring that the deliciousness is delivered without dilution. 

We sell with the objective that each opened packet will help you cook a dish that is relished. As we expand our horizons, we constantly look at new and innovative ways to deliver the best fish fillets that you’ll ever consume. The slices, the quantity, the packaging, every single detail that goes into our packets have a reason. This will facilitate cooking with ease while ensuring that storing and sale are performed without affecting the quality. 

Go ahead, take a pack, unwrap the delight inside waiting to be cooked. The fish we give is the perfect foil to your culinary skills. Make the most of it.