Frozen Perch Fillets

The Nile Perch is endowed with high levels of omega-3, packing your servings with healthy nutrition.

-This, by itself should be justification enough for it to be on your plate. Additionally, frozen perch fillets also have the distinction of being a delicacy, with a flavour that supports all types of cooking. The tasty perch fillets can be grilled, steamed, fried or baked in mouth-watering recipes. 

The packs we sell are of the highest grade. With an owned and operated facility right on the banks, we transport the best catch to our high tech facility in the shortest time. The processes are then overseen and thoroughly monitored by our skilled microbiologists. Consequently, the processed perch fillets that come out of our facility have nutrition levels that are unaltered or diluted.- 

Our processes never reduce the palatable quotient of the famed perch. We facilitate transfer from the river basin to your table. With a freshness that’s acknowledged in markets worldwide. Just to reassure you further, we are ISO 22000 : 2005 certified and HACCP compliant. 

Go ahead, have your fill of the fillets, any which way you’d like. You’d never be disappointed with a fish like the perch, in a packet from Tanperch.