Frozen Skinless Fillets

Today’s fast pace life demands quick turnarounds. And this includes your time in the kitchen. You really shouldn’t be spending time trying to de-skin frozen fillets. Opting for Skinless fillets would be a great way to spend time and focus on cooking a delicious recipe.

Boneless fillets form part of the recipes of many dishes meant for easy consumption. Irrespective of your need for Skinless fillets or boneless ones, you need to be assured of quality. The fillets need to be free of bone or slivers anywhere. This is where processes and quality come into play. At Tanperch, the processes ensure that claims are met. That labels are honoured.

As an ISO 22000 : 2005 certified company compliant with HACCP, our resolve has always been towards quality and safety. Our microbiologists constantly and meticulously monitor the processes and the products at every stage.

The fillets we give help to elevate your cooking. After all, for cooking to be great, you do need the best of ingredients and raw materials. Choose our frozen skinless fillets and enjoy the thrills of cooking and enjoying a nutritious meal. If you were waiting for the perfect fillets to try out your favourite recipes, here’s your chance.