Nile Perch Fillets

With loyalty among consumers, lake victoria perch fillets occupy pride of place as the one of the chosen dishes. Having a high omega-3 and oil content, it is an ideal showcase for culinary skills and nutrition consciousness.  Also known as lates niloticus, this packs a good punch of nutrition with taste. 

Your diet can comprise of healthy food, but sometimes it is achieved at the cost of poor taste. But that is not so in the case of Fillet of perch. It is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. More like a hedonistic trip through the pages of a recipe book of a master chef. 

Every single pack of Fillet of perch that leaves our processing facility is a reflection of the standards we maintain. The speed of transferring catch to the processing facility has made us a dominant player.  It is not without reason that we have a reputation as one of the best and leading suppliers of fillets. On a global scale. 

We adhere to the best standards in the industry, achieving the early distinction of ISO 22000 : 2005 certification and HACCP.  Our reputation has led us to reaffirm and constantly upgrade technology and processes to meet customer requirements. 

This reflects in the packs you buy. You get fillets that are of high grade. Processed and packed to last long. The packets seal in all the nutrition and deliciousness that you’ll enjoy, leaving a pleasant aftertaste. It is one of those rare moments when, long after you’ve left the table, you’ll still be thinking of what you ate. 

We facilitate this experience by a combination of resources, processes, technology and expertise.  At Tanperch, our endeavours have been successful. And we intend to carry on with our process optimisation.  As you unwrap and thaw, you can be sure that you are holding a quality produce from the leaders in processed fish.